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BURAPAT \ สวัสดี!


As an innovative and forward-thinking professional, I am dedicated to blending the realms of arts, culture, and technology to foster global understanding and sustainability. My journey has taken me around the world, managing high-level intercultural government projects and immersing myself in diverse cultural landscapes. With a keen focus on ASEAN arts and pop culture, I have curated renowned international art festivals and led significant initiatives, including a groundbreaking $2 billion USD community placemaking project in the Web3 space. My expertise extends to creating captivating Metaverse experiences, underlining my commitment to cultivating a sense of belonging in the virtual world.

As a global citizen, my work resonates with the symphony of sustainability, striving to create a harmonious balance between technological innovation and cultural richness. I am driven by a vision to enhance global brand visibility through impactful, culturally-sensitive projects, paving the way for a more interconnected and sustainable future.


I’m known for creating unique value propositions that transform global collaborations and achieve business goals while promoting positive social and cultural impact and sustainable development.


UNESCO – Creative Cities:

Harmony Across Borders: Navigating the World of A&R with Passion and Purpose


The allure of Public Private People Partnerships (PPPP) has always captured my attention, symbolizing a powerful fusion of sectors to enact change. My passion lies in uniting public and private forces, actively involving the community in the process. It’s this symphony of collaborative effort I’ve always aspired to conduct.

The notion of transforming and collaboratively shaping creative urban landscapes around the globe captivates me entirely. I am endlessly fascinated by the rich mosaic of human inventiveness and artistic expression. Now, as we navigate the journey with Tangible Utopias as our compass, we are crafting our magnum opus across the expanse of international metropolises.

I frequently catch myself in moments of deep reflection, envisioning the limitless possibilities these dynamic digital cities present. They have the power to cultivate a strong sense of community, to open doors for unprecedented networking opportunities—it's a utopia for creatives. In my dual role as a music producer and creative director, I perceive these urban spaces as grand arenas, setting the stage for life’s most compelling performances, and capturing the intricate dance of creativity and innovation.

In my role within A&R, I immerse myself in music, developing my own works and connecting with artists globally. My journey has taken me from Hollywood to Tokyo, Prague, and beyond, with recognition and awards along the way. Yet, at the core, it's about the shared language of music and the humble joy of contributing to the world’s artistic tapestry.

Facebook, Google, Bandai, BMW, adidas,
Sony Music Entertainment, Ministries of Culture, Foreign Affairs, and Education; Tourism Thailand, Tourism Battambang, Cambodia, City of Bourdeaux, City of Melbourne, Australia, Australian Embassy Bangkok, Royal Thai Consulate Melbourne, MQDC, King Power, Siam Piwat, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways

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