Urban citizenship is foremost in public actions in the less well-off neighborhoods. It lies in a dialectic relation between politics, individual or collective engagement and urban spaces, shifting the debate towards the active citizen’s territorial engagement.

If people are given the power to decide and be part of the decision-making process, their mark is felt all around. URBAN ASSAJAN seeks to explore this renewed relationship between urban spaces and types of citizenship.Through URBAN ACTION, we manage not only to aim for active citizen participation, but to actually reinvent itself with the help of its people.

This initiative is powered by Assistant Professor Pongporn Sudbanthad from URBAN ACTION.

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I have met many people in my life, who have done good things,

Without expecting others admiration and the accolades it brings.


Because of them, most of our area has included sustainable growth,

Education, public and private partnerships shared by both.


They are the shadow of the brightness that is Thailand,

Out of the spotlight, often unnoticed, working hand in hand.


Many have given more than just time, they have given their lives,

So future generations would be inspired by their incredible sacrifice.


Their challenges to us should be our rallying cry,

No matter where in the world we are.



Ban Amphur started as a fishing village, but now there is only one,
One boat, one fisherman, one dream of what is to come.
Covid-19 hit our village hard, not so much the virus, but no jobs,

How are we to exist, do our beating hearts still throb?
Many have turned to the sea, from where our lives began,
Sharing food in the streets, caring for everyone.
Returning to a fishing village, we may very well survive,

Whatever we do, we will do together and will thrive.
Our creative minds have pulled us each together,
Always displaying the sharing, the caring, the loving one another.
We may come full circle with the sincerity of human beings,

As we turn to nature, to the sea, and the bounty it brings.
Tomorrow may bring good or bad, plenty or none,
But we will support each other no matter the outcome.
Our temple, restaurant, school, hotel, and local community,

All joining together in glorious unity.
Ban Amphur’s local wisdom, has become a way of life,
Working out solutions, doing what is right.
The Thai spirit guides us to support neighbors anyway we can.

We are our future; we will do anything to protect our land.

The opportunities may seem limited, but our people are limitless,
We will not be defined by our circumstances but by our cohesiveness.

Hard times may come, hard times will go,
Ban Amphur is not a place, it is our way of life we know.

Decisions will be made, to determine how we move forward,
Whatever those decisions are, they will be supported.
The question should not be how, but rather when,